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CNC Tool Holders and Accessories

CNC Tool Holders are used to hold the tool in place when achieving optimal performance and quality standards. These CNC Tool holders are made from some of the industries top brands. Tiger Tool Supply offers these Tool Holders in different types such as standard End Mills holders, Collet Chucks, Shell Mill, Face Mill and a variety of others. These Tool Holders can be used for Milling, Drilling and Threading. These Tool Holders are available in common tapers such as Cat 40 Tool Holders and Cat 50 Tool Holders, Tiger Tool Supply would like to help, just send us an email at Sales@tigertoolsupply.com and someone from our Technical Team will assist you promptly.

Briney Tooling Systems

Briney End Mill Holder / Adapters are made complete in the USA. They are built from certified materials that can be traced back to the mill. The tapers are ground to an AT2 to AT3 resulting in maximum spindle contact. These holders will have an extremely long life due to internal specialized heat treat processes. All Briney tool holders are quality ensured through ISO 9001:2008 policies and practices.

Dorian Tool
Dorian Tool Holders are made in Italy and offer a great product at a reasonable price. Built from 8620 Alloy steel and case hardened to 56-60 HRc, these tool holders are a precision tool. Each taper is ground to AT-3 Specifications for consistent spindle contact. These holders are a great addition to any machine shop.