About Tiger Tool Supply

Our Mission:
Our mission is to supply "Quality Cutting Tools and other Industrial Supplies" to machine shops, tool and die shops, mold shops and other industrial customers at competitive prices.

The Tiger Tool Story:
Tiger Tool Supply offers premium cutting tools and other industrial supplies at competitive prices. We also provide great customer service, technical support and fast shipping. We have gone through each of our product lines to ensure high quality products. Our idea is that if we would not use it in our own shop then we would not offer it to others. The owners of Tiger Tool Supply, Lance and Jason, are 3rd generation machinists and pattern makers. Having this experience has enabled them to understand the real needs of job shops and production shops. While creating the vision of Tiger Tool Supply a few ideas were clear and have become the cornerstone of Tiger Tool Supply.
1. To Provide only High Quality Products, USA made products whenever possible.
2. To have products in-stock, so the most demanding deliveries can be met.
3. Keep prices competitive, even when expediting is needed.